Don’t Look Back RPG

Don’t Look Back RPG

Don’t Look Back (DLB) is a pen and paper role-playing game released in the mid-90s. It features simple yet elegant game mechanics and is set in a world of supernatural and paranormal horror where conspiracies lurk around every corner. We initially developed it before the X-Files was a staple on TV and it filled a niche that hadn’t received very much attention from the RPG publishing community at the time.


The best gaming magazines of the day loved it. It received great reviews in Dragon Magazine and Arcane from Future Publishing among others. It was even rated it as one of the top 50 games of all time.

Mind Ventures released a first and a second edition of the rulebook along with the first supplement Giant Psychic Insects from Outer Space — an alien abduction / crash / government lab and coverup adventure and sourcebook. A few others were in various states of completion when a combination of things caused the company to stop production. I wrote the primary rulebooks and managed the development of the other materials. When Mind Ventures shut down I retained the rights to the material.

In this age of real conspiracies where we are seeing some of the best horror and paranormal movies and TV ever made it feel like the right time to bring it back. This website will be the hub for information about the game and where it’s going. I’m pulling some old material back together and will post things here for feedback and review.


Stay Tuned…


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