Don’t Look Back New Edition Available Summer 2018!

Don’t Look Back New Edition Available Summer 2018!

The Kickstarter was a big success and the new edition of Don’t Look Back will be available this summer (2018). The new edition will be full-color and will feature a ton of new material. The retail edition will go on sale after we’ve shipped off the special Kickstarter editions to our backers. Look for expanded information about the game world, new example adventures plus an extended edition of fan favorite Dolley Hill and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Check out our Thank You page to see the awesome folks who are helping to make this new edition a reality!

If you haven’t seen the Kickstarter page, one of the bigger changes is that DLB3 will utilize the D6xD6 system rules. Don’t worry, there are some similarities with the old DLB rules if you played previous editions. If you are new to DLB you’ll find the D6xD6 rules very easy to learn. The DLB rulebook will include all the rules necessary to play the game. If you’d like a sneak peek of where the mechanics are heading, head on over to to see the full rules online. One of the cool advantages of using these mechanics is that the new DLB will be compatible with more than 30 already published game settings — with more on the way!

I’m also very excited to say that we are getting the band back together 🙂 The three primary artists from the 2nd edition (Paul Carrick, Tim Gerstmar, and Richard Van Ingram) are all onboard and will be providing some new art for the new addition along with a few other new pieces.

Check out this site for more information as the project evolves!


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